Computer Saddle Mount
Garmin & Wahoo

RRP $50.00

Collect your riding data more efficiently using the Velobike computer saddle mount.

Designed for maximum aerodynamic optimisation, the computer saddle mount positions your Garmin or Wahoo cycle computer in the most aerodynamic position under your saddle.

Recommended on saddles that have enough rail left behind the seat post clamps. We also have the seatpost computer mount if saddle rail space is minimal.


  • Laser-sintered high-strength nylon

  • 2x M4 bolts and nuts supplied

  • Designed by Velobike in New Zealand and manufactured in the USA

Compatible with:

  • Garmin Edge series computers
  • Wahoo Element Series computers

Why mount your computer under the saddle and not on the handlebars?

According to the UCI article 1.3.024 TER: “The rider must not have any direct access to the images [from onboard data collection technologies], or information concerning other riders being collected or transmitted during the race”.

Aero Computer Seat Post Mount Garmin & Wahoo

RRP $40.00

The smallest, lightest and most minimal computer mount for track bikes on the market. Universal 3D print fixed to an injection moulded computer mount.

Fixes to any aero tube using 2x zip ties (supplied).
Compatible with:
Garmin Edge Series

SRM Seatpost Mount

RRP $45.00

Mount your SRM cycle computer out of sight on the back of your aero seatpost.

This product is designed by Velobike in New Zealand and manufactured in the USA.

Used by the New Zealand, Korean and Malaysian national teams leading up to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

SRM mounts for round tube frames available on request.

Compatible with:

  • SRM PC7 computer
  • SRM PC8 computer


  • Mount designed for aero seatposts

  • 3D-printed high-strength nylon

  • 2x zip ties supplied

“Really impressed! The cable ties included was a nice touch and the smooth action and satisfying click putting on the SRM head unit filled me with confidence”.

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