Elite Longboi Stem

RRP $300.00

The longest of longboi’s — measuring 170mm, 160mm or 150mm — this sprint stem extends your reach out for a more aerodynamic position to get the most out of the UCI geometry regulations for sprint events.

The Elite Longboi is the stiffest stem tested to date!

Note it's important for you to measure your handlebar position prior to purchasing a Longboi stem. The longer Longboi stems on some framesets and bar combinations may put your handlebars in front of the 100mm limit for track sprint events.

Designed in collaboration with Cycling New Zealand for Tokyo Olympics.

Olympic Silver Medal: Ellesse Andrews (New Zealand), Women's Keirin


  • 150mm, 160mm 170mm lengths (custom lengths available on request)

  • +/-6 or +/-16 degree angle options (custom angles available on request)

  • Reversible mounting capability (angled up or downward)

  • Aero design developed using CFD software

  • Rear mounted stem cap bolts for reduced aerodynamic drag

  • Titanium hardware for weight reduction

  • Low profile steerer tube clamp for greater integration with notched headtube framesets

  • Material: Hard anodised 7075 aluminium

  • Weight: 170mm - 270g, 160mm - 260g, 150mm - 250g

  • Steerer diameter: 1-1/8th

  • Bar clamp diameter: 31.8mm

  • Bar clamp width: 48mm (will also suit LOOK sprint bars)

  • Steerer clamp height: 32mm

  • 5Nm Fastening Torque (Ensure use of a torque wrench)


Velobike 155mm Stem

Velobike 155mm Stem

RRP $130.00

Get long and low with the Velobike 155mm stem.


  • Length: 155mm
  • Angle: 12°
  • Steerer tube: 28.6mm (1 1/8")
  • Bar clamp: 31.8mm
  • Material: CNC’d 7075 aluminium
  • Weight: 250g +/-5g

Steerer Tube Extender

RRP $100.00

Ever had trouble fitting a new stem to a fork only to find that the steerer tube is now too short? The Velobike steerer tube extender raises the height of your steerer by up to 18mm. Precision machined from aluminum, the light weight extender means you no longer have to purchase a new fork for your frameset. 

Particularly when using the longer 15mm and 18mm extenders, you may require a longer top cap bolt. Standard bolts are normally 30mm long. We sell top caps with a longer 40mm titanium bolt for the steerer tube extenders.  


  • 3mm, 10mm, 15mm and 18mm extension heights available

  • 50mm deep expansion plug

  • Standard M6 insert thread for stem top caps

  • Suitable for aluminium and carbon steerer tubes

  • 6061 aluminium

  • Fits 1 ⅛ (1.125” / 28.5mm) steerer tubes

  • Tighten up to 6N/m

  • Available in black (to match a carbon steerer), or silver (to match an aluminium steerer)

  • We recommend to epoxy bond them into your steerer tube for best security

Mine has been great moving from a Thomson to a Zipp stem and needing the height back. Handy product. benxlehner
  • Will this fit any bike? The extender can be fitted to any bike with a standard 1 ⅛ steerer tube. This includes many modern road, or mountain bikes.
  • Is it strong? Yes, This type of expansion plug system is common for steerer tube and headset assemblies. We have opted for a longer 50mm knurled plug for the extra security and stiffness. Most headset plugs are around 30mm. If security is still an concern, the extender epoxy bonded into the steerer for a more permanent solution.
  • Can you make the extension longer than 18mm? In theory yes it is possible to make them longer, however, for safety reasons we have set the maximum height at 18mm. We suggest you have at least half of your stem clamping around your original steerer tube. 
  • The extender is too large in diameter to fit inside my steerer tube. Every steerer tube can be have different internal dimensions - especially carbon ones where the internal dimensions are variable. We have designed the extender to have a tighter tolerance fit into most steerer tubes than your standard headset expansion plug for safety and security. Prior to purchasing, measure the inside diameter of your steerer tube. If it measures any smaller than 22.50mm, you may need to sand some material out. This intersection zone between the steerer tube and expender is only 3mm deep, so not very much material will need to be removed from the inner edge of your steerer tube. If in doubt, ask your local bike shop for assistance.

Velobike Top Cap

RRP $30.00

elobike branded top cap made from matte black anodised 5052 aluminium.


  • Material: Aluminum

  • Weight: 6.5g

  • Colour: Matte black

  • Available with a extra long 40mm Titanium bolt (if you're needing it to fit Steerer Tube Extenders)

Titanium Stem Bolts

RRP $35.00

Upgrade your stem by replacing your heavy steel bolts with titanium. Reduce a few grams of weight while adding some bling.

These bolts are used with Elite Longboi Stems.


  • M5x18mm bolts

  • 4mm hex/allen key head

  • 2 grams per bolt 

  • Fit most bicycle stems

  • Tapered aero head

  • Built-in washer

  • 45% lighter than steel bolts

  • Higher-strength to weight ratio than steel or aluminium

  • Anti-corrosion properties

  • May also be used in seat post clamps, disk brake bolts, bottle cage fastenings etc

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