Continental Tubular Carbon Rim Cement

Victoria Carbon Cement

RRP $8.00 (in stock)

Carbon rims have different character traits and have modified heat conductivity compared to aluminum so Continental created a tubular glue to meet these demands.
25g tube.

Continental Tubular Rim Cement

Continental Tubular Rim Cement

RRP $10.00

Reliable for years!
Generations of racers swear by Continental Rim glue when it comes to maximum adhesion, traction and security.
Available in 25g tubes or a 350g pot

Continental Sonderklasse 2 Tubular

Continental Sonderklasse 2 Tubular

RRP $247.00


The special class is the reference in indoor track meetings. For generations a synonym for reliability - appreciated worldwide and hotly desired by riders as well as mechanics. Continental have now optically updated the classic amongst tubular tires for the velodrome. Presented in a new all-black guise, underlining the special class even better and giving a nobler image. The innermost values remain untouched: high value nylon carcass and classical "Handmade in Germany" treatment.


28 x 23 (700 x 23)
BlackChili Compound
3 / 180 TPI

Continental Tempo II Tubular Tyres

Continental Tempo 22 mm

RRP $174.00 (in stock)


The Tempo II is now even faster, with an extremely fine nylon casing and the latest Black Chili Compound it is a credit to its name. Designed for the track, as a very light and extremely fast competition tubular tire.

Handmade in Gremany

Available in:

28(700) x 22mm (200g) max PSI 170

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