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Velobike 9/10 Tooth Sprocket

Velobike 9/10 Tooth Sprocket

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The Velobike 9 and 10 tooth sprockets are for those riders wanting to over gear for strength training.

The tooth section sits outboard of the hubs lockring thread. A unique asymmetric tooth profile has been developed to help guide the chain on and off the sprocket without risking the chain coming off with the extra chain line offset.

These sprockets have been designed for training purposes only.


  • 9 or 10 teeth
  • 1/8 chain
  • Standard 1.37 x 24TPI thread
  • 630 grade stainless steel
  • Natural stainless steel finish
  • Age-hardened for increased durability
  • For use without a lockring


  • It is recommended to use an older chain and/or chainring that you don't mind extra wear caused by the offset chainline.
  • When using a chain with a quick-link, take note that the removable plate is on the outside of the bike. If the sprocket is ridden with the quick-link on the inside of the chain, the edges of the quick-link may intersect with the sprocket. 
  • The 9 and 10 tooth sprockets were developed to suit Shimano Dura-Ace track hubs. They may not be compatible with every hub.
  • When installing the 9 tooth sprocket, If your hub has a lock nut larger than 21mm, The nut may need to be removed then replaced back onto the axle after the sprocket is installed. The 10 tooth sprockets have a larger diameter opening therefore have greater clearances around the hub hardware.
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