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Velobike Elite Ti Sprockets

Velobike Elite Ti Sprockets

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When it comes to maximum style points, nothing surpasses a gold sprocket!

The gold colour isn't just for show or 'track cred', it is a high-tech tool grade titanium nitride coating. The coating increases the hardness of the surface of the sprocket - reducing its coefficient of friction and how easily the surface deformed under loads.


Velobike Elite Track sprocket titanium nitride coated ceramic cog fixed gear track bike


  • Precision CNC machined
  • Titanium Ti-6Al-4V
  • Tool grade titanium nitride coating
  • Laser engraved graphics
  • Sizes 12-20 Tooth 
  • 1/8" Chain widths available
  • Standard 1.37"x24tpi thread
  • Material recess on front face for further weight reduction
  • Weight
    • 12T - 15g
    • 13T - 19g
    • 14T - 23g
    • 15T - 27g
    • 16T - 31g
    • 17T - 35g
    • 18T - 41g
    • 19T - 46g
    • 20T - 50g

The below graph illustrates the difference in materials that are common for sprockets to be made out of. Titanium Ti-6AI-4V has the greatest yield strength of all the materials, making it the most resistant to permanent deformation. At just over half the weight of 304 Stainless steel, larger gear combinations will not compromise the performance of your bike due to the extra weight. Titanium has a similar hardness to stainless steel sprockets, so without any coatings the two materials are comparable for efficiency.

Comparison Between Common Drive Chain Component Materials


Coatings are common on drive chain components to assist with efficiency and durability. Titanium Nitride is 111% harder than hard chrome plating and 143% harder than Hard anodizing. Titanium Nitride also has the benefit of being applied to the material surface with greater thickness consistently - reducing the chance of the part exceeding manufacturing tolerances during the process.

Coating Hardness Comparison

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