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Velobike Track Sprockets (Coated)

Velobike Track Sprockets (Coated)

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The tried and tested heat treated chromoly steel track cog. Precision CNC machined for accurate roundness and tolerances. A great middle of the range performing sprocket at an affordable price. Manufactured using the same material as Dura-Ace sprockets, but with an improved surface coatings for better durability and efficiency.


  • CNC machined
  • 4130 Cr-Mo Steel
  • Heat-treated for increased hardness and chain efficiency
  • Electroporetic Coated for durability and greater efficiency than anodised coatings and low grade stainless steel sprockets
  • 12-20 tooth
  • 1/8” chain width
  • Standard 1.37” threads
  • Material recess on front face for further weight reduction
  • Pair with Velobike Sprocket Spacers for greatest chain line efficiency

Track Sprockets are made from a 4130 Cr-Mo Steel with an Electroporetic coating for greater efficiency and durability. For an upgrade in performance check out Elite Sprockets.

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