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Velobike Altair 3-Spoke

Velobike Altair 3-Spoke

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Note: This is a preorder only. Wheel delivery is estimated from September-October 2023. 

The Altair 3-Spoke is the result of 12 months of R&D focusing on turbulent aerodynamic conditions during mass start and sprint events. Comprehensive CFD and wind tunnel, and real world testing was undertaken to optimise the wheels shape for higher speeds, shallow yaw angled track conditions and fork blade airflow interference.

Designed in collaboration with Canyon and team Denmark for the Paris Olympics.

Enhanced Performance

Developed specifically for mass start and sprint athletes in mind, where acceleration is critical to energy conservation and performance. The Altair 3-Spoke is engineered to achieve the best possible stiffness to weight ratio. Manufactured from a high modulus carbon fibre and a 'tool finish' surface (no lacquers or clearcoats) the wheel is among the stiffest track wheels available (even stiffer than some disc wheels), yet weighing less than any comparable performance focused 3, 4, and 5 spoked wheel.


Aerodynamically designed around 23c tyres (up to 25mm width), the rim profile blends the tyre into a airfoil shape - increasing the airfoil chord length.

When analysing various 3, 4 and 5 spoke track wheels on the market we identified that fewer spokes tend to be quicker due to the air being cut through less frequently. The compromises is that, of the wheels tested, the ones with fewer spokes were generally less stiff. The challenge for us was to achieve the best possible balance between aero, weight and stiffness.

Tire Integration

The Altair 3 spoke wheel comes in two rim profile styles - clincher and tubular

With more research published for clinchers proving to have superior rolling efficiency over the traditional tubular counterparts, we had to develop two wheels!

Recommended tyre type based on discipline:

  • Mass-start endurance: clincher or tubular
  • Sprinters: tubular

Modularity and Frameset Compatibility

An innovative modular hub system, allows for the wheel to be set-up semi-permanently into various fork configurations and interfaces. We provide the wheel with a standard 9x100mm bolt-on, and a 12x100mm through axle compatible hub. Hubs configurations with more proprietary axle requirements are available - specific to certain frames.

The serviceability and futureproof design ensures the wheel is fit for purpose for many years to come as new track bike axle standards appear every Olympic cycle. 

Velobike Altair 3-Spoke Hub configurations

An Innovative Advantage

Proudly licensed under the New Zealand FernMark, The Altair 3-Spoke is the result of a user centred design approach for a superior user experience, and a unique harmony of modularity and integration. Altair 3-Spoke Wheel is meticulously developed and validated for an improved performance. 

User Manual

Please view the Velobike Altair - 3-Spoke User Manual for proper hub installation.

Velobike Altair 3 Spoke Wheel Instruction Manual

Wheel Specifications:

  • Velobike Altair 3-Spoke
  • Material: Japanese high modulus Toray carbon fiber
  • Finish: UD tool finish (no clear coat)
  • Rim type: clincher / tubular
  • Tubeless clincher compatible
  • Recommended tyre size: 700c x 23c-25c
  • 760g +/- 3% (without hub assembly)
  • Interchangeable hub system for various fork designs
  • New Zealand FernMark Licenced

Hub Specifications:

  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminium
  • Finish: Hard anodised black
  • 100mm x Ø9mm bolt-on axle 
  • 100mm x Ø12mm through axle
  • 6902 LLB Japanese NTN ultra low friction performance bearings
  • Please view the Velobike Altair - 3-Spoke User Manual for proper hub installation


  • 1x Velobike Altair 3-Spoke wheel (tubular or clincher)
  • 1x 100mm Altair front cartridge Hub
  • 1x 100mm x Ø9mm bolt-on front axle 
  • 1x 100mm x Ø12mm through front axle 

Optional Extras:

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