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Velobike Axle Locks

Velobike Axle Locks

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The Velobike Axle Lock doubles the clamping friction of the rear wheel, reducing wear any chance of slipping under high intensity efforts.

We've developed the Axle lock to maximize useability for quick and easy wheel removal without requiring separate tools other than the 15mm spanner that you'd already be using to remove the wheel.

Perfect to use in a situation where a wheel or dropout assembly may be damaged or worn to prolong the framesets lifespan, and to increase wheel security.

Developed in collaboration with Queensland based athletes in response with local commissaire ruling around chain tensioners.

UCI legal and ridden to Australian National gold medals in Men's Kilo Time-trial.  


  1. Unscrew the wheels axle nut and slide over the clamp plate,
  2. Insert the Clamp Bolt in from behind,  this can be positioned in front of behind the wheels axle depending on where the wheel is located in the dropout when the chain is tensioned.
  3. Place the Clamp Plate (grooved side towards the dropout) over the wheels axle and the Clamp Bolt.
  4. Torque axle nuts as normal (30Nm maximum)


  • Stainless Steel Clamp Bolt
  • M10 Thread (Suits Runwell Hub Nuts)
  • 7075-T6 Clamp Plate
  • Grooved Clamp Plate for greater friction
  • 25mm axle C-C 
  • Weight: 20g per set
  • Designed to best suit the M10 Runwell Elite Hub Nut


  • One Axle lock assembly (for one dropout)
    • 1x Clamp Bolt
    • 1x Clamp Plate
  • Axle Nuts not included

Note: We highly recommend to par these with a set of new M10 Runwell Axle Nuts. Worn nuts are usually the cause of dropout damage and wheel slipping issues. Over time the problem compound from further slipping and over torquing of axle nuts causing further damage to both the nuts and dropouts.

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