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Wera Bicycle Set 3A Zyklop Mini & 40 Piece Bit Set

Wera Bicycle Set 3A Zyklop Mini & 40 Piece Bit Set

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Wera Bicycle Set 3A Zyklop Mini & 40 Piece Bit Set 

Compact, veristile and perfect for the workshop and on tour

An added extra: The set comes with two bags - a larger pouch for the complete set and a small soft pouch for your shirt pocket when you are on the go. 

​The direct bit holder in the ratchet head makes for quick work in small space. Fast switching from left to right. Quick turning over the grooved ratchet head even with just one hand. Small return angle of 6° for precise work. Torques of over 65 Nm. The Rapidaptor bit holder with quick-turn coating can be used as an extension, for lightning-fast bit changes with only one hand without auxiliary tools of even the smallest bit sizes.


  • Compact 41-piece screwdriving tool set 
  • Practical range for DIY assembly work and repairs
  • Tools for the most popular screw profiles on road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes
  • "Take it easy" tool finder: color coding by size
  • Robust, surface-friendly, compact low weight textile pouch
  • 2 tyre levers 

8001 A
Bit Ratchet ¼"
870/1 tool shank (connecting part)
1x 1/4"x87mm

813 bits hand holder

1x 1/4" x 78mm

3899/4/1 Universal holder

1x 1/4"x100 mm

889/4/1 K Rapidaptor universal holder

1x 1/4" x 50mm

8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" Sockets

1x 5.5x23mm
1x 6x23mm
1x 7x23mm
1x 8x23mm
1x 10x23mm
1x 13x23mm
1x 15x23mm

851/1 TZ bits

1x PH 1x25mm
1x PH 2x25 mm

867/1 TZ TORX® bits


1x TX 10x25mm
1x TX 15x25mm
2x TX 2 x25 mm
2x TX 25 x 25 mm
1x TX 27 x 25mm
1x TX 30 x 25mm

800/1 TZ bits

1x 0.5x4x25mm
1x 0.6x4.5x25mm

840/1 Z bits

1x 2x25mm
1x 2.5x25mm
1x 3x25mm
1x 4x25mm
1x 5x25mm
1x 6x25mm
1x 8x25mm

1x 2.5x25 mm
1x 3x25 mm
1x 4x25 mm
1x 5x25 mm
1x 6x25 mm


Tyre Levers


Chain Tool

Single Speed to
12 Speed Compatible



9481 Tool pouch

Tool Pouches
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